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They say “a smile is worth a thousand words” but a smile could be worth a lot more if you’re a dentist. We live in the age of social media, selfies, social influencers, Tik Tok, Zoom meetings, and YouTube videos – all of which put a smile in front of a camera. There is no doubt that today’s consumers are obsessed with the perfect smile.

Many of us battled the tough years of middle school with a mouth full of braces that could not be hidden. Your treatment plan to achieve the perfect smile was known to everyone. However, today, the consumer can receive their desired results through treatment that is discreet with the use of Clear Aligner Therapy.

Get on board

Follow the societal trend and make it work for you! Through proper training, this is something that most dentists can implement into their practice. Being able to offer a clear aligner solution to your patient will not only keep them from seeking this solution elsewhere but will ultimately make them a HAPPY patient. Happy patients return and happy patients refer! It is a win-win for everyone.

You may be asking yourself if you have the capabilities within your practice to implement this service. Whether you are already set up digitally, are interested in moving to a digital workflow, or prefer traditional impressions, there is a solution for you.

How do I choose a supplier?

With the popularity of clear aligner therapy and the need to address many different case types, the market is wide open to options. As you know, your patients are unique and require different services, therefore, being able to offer more than one solution is ideal.

Through BEST for Dentistry’s strategic alliance partnerships, we recommend DenMat’s OrthoClear and ClearCorrect, a Straumann Group brand. These BEST preferred brands offer a wide range of treatment solutions that are sure to meet the needs of your patients. Not only are the products and services superb, but the resources to help you implement a successful treatment is unparalleled.

The BEST advantage

BEST for Dentistry members have direct access to a streamlined implementation and education of clear aligner therapy. BEST has negotiated preferred pricing on clear aligner therapy solutions for your practice, which will ultimately create a larger ROI and profit margin for your practice.

As we continue through the age of being camera-ready, you can now be the go-to solution for many. All the elements to execute clear aligner therapy are at your fingertips! Let the smile obsession become your success.

Learn more

BEST members have all the elements to successfully implement this treatment option into an existing practice. Through our strategic partnerships, you have advocates in your corner to help you succeed should you choose this endeavor. To learn more about the BEST for Dentistry’s clear aligner partners, contact us at or call 877-669-6320.

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