Frequently Asked Questions

There is no initial cost, no membership cost, and standard membership is free to all independent dentists. We have a premium membership option that you can upgrade your membership to in order to gain access to a select group of alliance partners that adds significant value to your bottom line….Come join us and see how we are changing the dental industry one practice at a time!

No. You will purchase directly from BEST for Dentistry’s alliance partners and automatically receive the special pricing negotiated by BEST for Dentistry on your behalf.

No. We simply ask our new members to complete the quick and easy online membership form. We hope everyone will realize huge savings and remain members forever, but you may opt-out at any time.

We were founded by Dr. Michael Abernathy, D.D.S., as an advocate for the independent dental practice. It is his goal to create the same advantages for all practices, big and small, that large national corporations currently enjoy. BEST for Dentistry will bring you these exclusive products, prices, and services on a day-to-day basis, allowing you to compete with the pressures of large corporate practices, insurance company domination, and overly greedy dental suppliers who by their actions limit our ability as independent dental practices to compete and succeed in the business of dentistry. From its inception, BEST for Dentistry has become the meeting place for like-minded dentists to share their passion and skills to guarantee the survival of dentistry as we know it. Together, we can become the dominate force in preserving our dental culture through collective negotiation on behalf of our members.

We have dedicated our organization to be an advocate for independent practices. To do this we have created a group with the power to negotiate better prices for each of our members. The power of group purchasing results from combining the volumes for all members in order to drive down pricing while improving service for everyone. It is our goal to set a standard by which any independent dental practice will have the same buying power as large national corporate chains, while guarding the unique relationship each of us has with our patients. While savings and overhead control is important, you will see that we are far more than a simple group purchasing organization. We give you the tools to set the gold standard in clinical care, patient acquisition, and business strategies to compete in any economy.

BEST for Dentistry is the nation’s leading and largest dental group purchasing organization. While the amount of money you will be able to save will vary depending on your current spending habits and productivity or need, we have found that the average practice saves more than $35,000 per year. Don’t stop here. We have provided alliance partners that Dr. Abernathy’s Super General Dental Practice has used. While you are not required to use all of our partners, why wouldn’t you? The reason that we use these particular companies is because these are the people that helped Dr. Abernathy build the foundation for The Super General Dental Practice. You should consider each and every alliance partner to be part and parcel of building a portfolio of trusted allies that will come alongside your independent practice to elevate it to new levels of profitability and success.

The “alliance partners” that we bring to our members have relationships with Dr. Abernathy and the practices in Summit Practice Solutions. By knowing and having a personal rapport with each partner, we guarantee a unique relationship based on the history of a company known to operate with integrity and seasoned business systems. Each alliance partner shares a special relationship with our members and with each other. For the most part we have limited a product or service to just one company to maximize the leverage necessary to negotiate for each product or service.

We at BEST for Dentistry hope that you never have a problem with one of our alliance partners, but be assured that we will do our best to help resolve any difficulty that you might encounter. Because you are a member of such a large group, our alliance partners realize the importance of quickly resolving any difficulties you might have. Everyone understands and highly values the volume of business that we bring to their companies. If there is an unacceptable response from one of our alliance partners, we will intercede on your behalf to ensure that you are satisfied.

While knowing that you will never be able to beat the negotiated prices that BEST has been able to acquire for its members, you should also remember that your current suppliers have been charging you higher prices while driving greater profits for themselves.Your current suppliers do not have any incentive to compete in pricing on their products because you are just one office with no leverage. On another level, why would you want to support a group that has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars out of your pocket and placed it into theirs? This is the very reason Dr. Abernathy formed BEST for Dentistry: Building Everyone’s Success Together is a mission statement for the survival of the independent dental practice, and a mantra each one of us needs to repeat if we intend to thrive in the future of dentistry.

Absolutely! What you see today is just the tip of the iceberg. Be sure to check back often to see the list expand and grow. Once you join us, regular updates concerning both new and existing alliance partners will be sent out via email. JOIN TODAY!