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Do you dream of a good night’s sleep? The feeling of waking up from a well-rested slumber has to be one of the best things to experience. Unfortunately for those with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), it can be a debilitating experience resulting in the absence of a good night’s sleep.

As a dental professional, you have the ability to play a role in creating a dream come true to many apneic patients.


Be the Solution

The conversation can start chairside. As a dentist, you are in close proximity to your patients which lends itself to a level of understanding and confidentiality. Once you understand that your patient has concerns regarding their sleep patterns, you can offer solutions to their nightmare with minimal output. Often times a patient may suspect they are apneic, however the issue is never addressed. Why? It could be embarrassment, the task of arranging a medical appointment, the unknown of what to expect – it could be anything. Being in a dental chair that they come to every six months lends itself to feeling a bit more accessible for many. You are positioned to address this epidemic. Take this opportunity to enlighten your patients on the ability to address these concerns through YOU!


Comprehensive Access

BEST for Dentistry offers a Sleep Dentistry Program that equips you with the training and tools to diagnose and treat your patients that suffer from OSA. BEST has partnered with industry experts to offer solutions each step of the way. Vendor collaboration has resulted in program offerings for sleep testing, medical billing, oral appliances, and marketing, making the delivery to your patients seamless and comprehensive.


Sleep Testing Made Easy

Getting tested is the starting point in which many shy away from. The idea of being hooked up to equipment in a sleep lab is what many patients expect, which is what prohibits them from testing in the first place. As their advocate in addressing their sleep issues, you can assure them that sleep testing is a no-hassle process. With Sleeptest.com, they make sleep testing simple for patients in the comfort of their own beds while their clients enjoy the simplicity and efficiency of their custom-built software platform, SleepTestCRM. As a client of Sleeptest.com, you can submit an unlimited number of patient referrals for telemedicine visits and home sleep testing to gain diagnoses by board-certified sleep physicians.


Optimal Reimbursements with Medical Billing

You may be asking yourself, how do I bill for this? The professionals at Pristine Medical Billing will help you understand how to drive income into your practice using medical billing. They are full-service medical billing organization with over 35 U.S. based team members dedicated to helping dental practices obtain medical insurance coverage and reimbursements. They will walk you through the process of proper and ethical coding for practice protections, current payment trends, how to work with large deductibles, and much more.


Finding the Right Fit

When it comes to oral appliance therapy, finding the right one is crucial to the success of treatment. BEST partner, Whole You, provides Respire sleep appliances to combat OSA by moving the jaw and tongue in an optimal position to maintain an open airway. Their appliances do this without respirators or tubes, making this a highly desirable solution.  With several appliance options, you will be able to meet many of your patient’s needs through their customizable oral appliance therapy. Your patients will thank you for this!


Position Your Practice as the Go-to Solution

You have all the elements to make a successful sleep practice. Now you just have to market to these patients and let them know you are ready to help. Cornering this market relies heavily on successful branding to establish and create growth. Marketing experts from Bullseye Media can effectively position your practice as the go-to solution in your market for treating sleep apnea and snoring. They help you to build messaging that appeals to prospective sleep patients and position you as an authority on the topic.


BEST members have all the elements to successfully implement sleep dentistry into an existing practice. Partnerships from industry leaders have come together to provide access and advocacy to corner this market and drive more revenue. Rest easy knowing that you have partners in your corner to help you succeed should you chose this endeavor.

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