Why Every Prescription Should Be Electronic

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Why Every Prescription Should Be Electronic

By Robert McDermott, President and CEO, iCoreConnect

Dentists across the country interested in a more efficient clinical workflow have moved completely away from traditional methods of prescribing and now electronically prescribe all medications, including controlled substances. When the law in North Carolina changed to mandate e-Prescriptions for controlled substances, Dr. Stan Hardesty chose to e-Prescribe all medications. The result? Convenience and preserved cash. “Prior to e-Prescribing, paper prescriptions or calling the pharmacy and waiting to talk to someone was my modus operandi…Now, I can write all of my prescriptions in electronic format and not pay extra for prescriptions over and above the narcotic prescriptions I need to send,” Dr. Hardesty further elaborates.

Electronically prescribing all medications has value in both cost and time savings. Pause for a minute to think about your current system. Are you still prescribing all medications by phone, fax or pad? Are you e-Prescribing controlled substances, then still writing, calling and faxing all other prescriptions? Every minute you and your team spend switching between processes interrupts workflow and creates confusing next steps for your patients. From the patient’s perspective, filling prescriptions is inconsistent doctor to doctor. Sometimes patient’s take a prescription to the pharmacy. Sometimes they lose the prescription before getting to the pharmacy. Sometimes their prescription is called in. Sometimes the pharmacy actually had the chance to listen to voicemail before the patient arrived to pick it up. In many scenarios, the pharmacy ends up calling your office anyway. It’s frustrating and a waste of time, energy and resources for everyone.

Patient adherence, practice protection and workflow speed are key benefits to e-Prescribing. Here are 7 tips to help you improve patient care as soon as you begin electronically prescribing all medications.

e-Prescribing gives you more flexibility. You can e-Prescribe any medication, including controlled substances. That flexibility eliminates reliance on paper, phone and fax by streamlining your workflow into just one manageable method for all prescriptions.

No matter where you are, or whether you use a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone, your workflow doesn’t change. The execution of the process is similar to paper, but faster, easier and more reliable. If you choose, your staff can still prepare the prescription for you to review and approve. Then it’s sent with a click.

Your workflow improves through practice management integration. With integration into your practice management system, patient information is directly populated into your e-Prescribing software, eliminating duplicate work and reducing potentially costly or dangerous errors.

Time-saving benefits protect your patients and your practice. Access your patient’s prescription history at your fingertips. e-Prescribing software often allows you to see all prescriptions dispensed at any U.S. pharmacy over at least the past twelve months. In many states, electronic prescribing software can connect directly to the state Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP/PMP) for one click prescription history checks for controlled substances.

Provide better care with better information. Couple comprehensive prescription history information with direct access to a built-in drug directory, like Lexicomp, and you have robust history, drug dosing and contraindication information in your e-Prescribing software. With that immediate access, you are able to make quicker, better informed decisions as to what, how much and even if the patient should receive that specific medication.

Improve patient outcomes. Prescriptions don’t get lost between the time you’ve written them and the time the patient heads to the pharmacy. When a patient has confidence that the script is already in queue by the time they get to the pharmacy, they’re more likely to pick up their medication and adhere to prescription instructions.

e-Prescribing reduces errors. Pharmacists are no longer deciphering handwriting. Phone calls, missed calls and voicemails no longer add steps to the process and the potential for your patient’s prescription to get lost or delayed during the real, not-so-entertaining game of “Telephone”.

Save time with saved preferences. “Doctor’s Favorites” functionality provides quick access to the medications you frequently prescribe. e-Prescribing software can also automatically save patients’ preferred pharmacies.

e-Prescribe all medications now to improve workflow and access robust information to help inform decisions around prescription care.

 Pro Tip: When talking with various e-Prescribing providers to upgrade to a full e-Prescription software solution, make sure every key function listed in this article is included in the flat-rate subscription fee.

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