Who We Are and Why You Should Enroll Your Independent Practice

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Who We Are and Why You Should Enroll Your Independent Practice

When thinking about the pharmaceutical industry, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the big corporate locations you see in every neighborhood. These organizations are known for taking over small pharmacies and becoming extremely powerful in their sector. For the dental industry, this phenomena can still be prevented as almost 80% of dental offices are still small, family-owned businesses.

 This is where BEST for Dentistry comes in, helping independent dental practices successfully maintain their autonomy. We are looking to level the playing field against corporations by advocating for independent practices and providing competitive cost savings through the power of group purchasing. We combine this with continuous communication and guidance to set all our members up for success.

Building Everyone’s Success Together

BEST is an acronym for Building Everyone’s Success Together and we are passionate about bringing that idea to fruition. BEST for Dentistry leverages group purchasing power for independent dentists by negotiating savings and providing solutions on their behalf. Whether you’re looking to expand the scope of your practice into cosmetic dentistry or sleep dentistry or are simply looking to offer health insurance to your employees, buy new equipment or reduce your monthly supply or lab bill, BEST for Dentistry will advocate for you to make sure you enjoy all the benefits you deserve. Representing over 1,200 practices nationwide, BEST negotiates corporate-level savings and best-in-class solutions for members. With currently over 50 Alliance Partners (and growing!), there is a solution in nearly every facet of running a practice.

Our mission is to provide all independent dentists with the same opportunities that corporations are automatically given. Essentially, we ensure our members receive the benefits that are typically reserved for corporate dentistry. With this business model, we know that we can best serve independent dentists in their own specialized process of growing and evolving throughout the rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Why? Because You Deserve a Bigger Piece of the Pie

You have worked hard, became a dental professional, and have taken the leap to owning a practice. This is no easy feat and your hard word should see a payoff. With independent dentistry becoming more difficult in the rising popularity of corporate dentistry, developing a thriving practice has proven to be daunting. From insurance negotiation, employee relations, payroll, patient care, overhead costs, and a slew of other tasks, there is no doubt that your time and profits are being dished out to others.

BEST for Dentistry is an advocate for communities and small businesses like independent dentists that make them unique, keep the citizens healthy, and play a key role in the economy. We care about our members and want to help them maintain their clinical authority. There is nothing that brings us more joy than watching our members succeed, thrive, and serve the best interests of the people.

We know that competing with corporate dentistry can be very trying and feel like a never-ending battle. That’s why BEST for Dentistry is constantly building and innovating something powerful that will be able to support independent practices all over the country. We are here to assist you as you scale your business by providing guidance and support every step of the way. Our goal is to help you with all areas of your business by improving efficiency, reducing costs, driving patient acquisition, and of course, maintaining your autonomy.

Our priority is always our members and their success. This is why we offer a Premium Membership brimming with amazing benefits that will fully support your independent practice. Enrolling with us means that you are ready to receive access to the industry’s exclusive elite tools that will take your business to the next level.

What does the Premium Membership Look Like?

We have negotiated corporate pricing with numerous suppliers that have become our alliance partners in the interest of maximizing your savings potential. With our unmatched customer freedom, we can offer each member an approach that is as unique as their practice. Our members benefit from our vast array of alliance partnerships, giving them the freedom to choose what makes sense for their unique business.

We offer access to premium tools, strategies, and services to build greater financial success for independent dentists. These are some of the member benefits you will receive access to when you join our community of independent practice members:

–                 Supplies: We have partnered with several companies to provide dentists with the best possible prices and selection of quality dental materials and supplies. Our partners provide a variety of products you need to perform dentistry at the highest level.

–                 Equipment: We also offer innovative equipment solutions, which will help you stay on top of your practice’s dental hardware and software needs.

–                 Dental Lab: We have carefully chosen a family of labs that provide the best solutions for every practice’s needs, from high-end esthetics, to low-cost crowns, mouthguards, removables, and more.

–                 Marketing: With our incredible marketing partners you will receive all the help you need with all your dental marketing needs. With them, you will be able to increase patient referrals, promote your brand, and develop a solid presence in your community – online and off!

–                 Consulting: Make your dental practice the most efficient it has ever been with our consultant partner strategies. From asset protection to HR support, there is a solution to that looming challenge your practice has been facing.

–                 Communication: Streamline your practice’s communication process and save money on your mobile devices, business phones, and more.

–                 Merchant Services: In-house credit card processing that saves you money and provides credibility, legitimacy, and transparency

–                 Practice Management Solutions: Keep your practice running smoothly with cutting-edge software from our partners in technology. Members have complete access to patient engagement solutions, membership plan modules, and much more.

–                 Financial & Accounting: Solution providers ranging from tax professionals, accounting, and legal expertise.

–                 Human Resources: Expert HR support for dental practices of all sizes and specialties as well as professional dental recruitment support.

–                 Practice Analytics: Translate data and metrics into easy-to-understand numbers that you and your office manager can use to drastically increase productivity and revenue generation

–                 Employee Benefits: Fortune 500 benefits ranging from Human Resources to Group Health Insurance and 401k solutions.

–                 Sleep Dentistry: Partnerships from industry experts, including marketing, billing, appliances, and sleep tests, that offer solutions each step of the way for a successful sleep dentistry practice.

If you are interested in helping your practice grow, enroll with us by following these three simple steps. First, join BEST for Dentistry as a Premium Member. Afterward, one of our account managers will contact you to learn more about the specific needs of your practice and how we can advocate for you. We want to know anything that will help us create a specialized plan for your business. At that time, you will be connected with our Alliance Partners and can begin utilizing tools, tactics, and services to build more comprehensive financial protection and benefit from proven success.

It can be daunting to jump right in and pay for a new service, and we understand the importance of testing our abilities before becoming a member. That’s why at BEST for Dentistry, we give you the opportunity to test the waters with a free standard membership. The standard membership includes front office solutions and a free consultation specific to your business.

Once you fully realize our incredible value and want to upgrade to a Premium Membership, you will begin to receive all the benefits that you need to scale your independent practice. Our priority is not only to help small dental offices stay on their feet, but actually give you the tools to thrive and work toward a patient’s best interests rather than being driven to hit a quota. When you become a member, BEST for Dentistry will do everything in our power to help you achieve a level of success and power where selling out to a large corporation would no longer be lucrative.

With BEST for Dentistry, your practice will receive the elite tools that you did not even know where accessible to you. We are committed to providing you with corporate/DSO pricing on the products and services you use every day. BEST works with your practice to provide peace of mind that you are being treated fairly, and allows you to focus your attention on what matters most – your patients.

Sign up through our site as a premium member and receive a support plan designed to fit your needs. We want to see your practice thrive and your confidence soar!

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