Commission Based Hygiene Pay


Commission Based Hygiene Pay





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We received many comments and questions about our last post, SPECIAL REPORT – FACING THE HARD FACTS ABOUT STAFFING, concerning switching your hygienist(s) from hourly or salary based pay to commission based pay. We decided that the most effective way to address these questions and concerns was to simply produce a video to expand upon and clarify what was mentioned briefly in the article.

The main point to be fully understood is this: If you’ve ever considered moving your hygienist(s) to commission based pay, there will never be a better time than right now as you bring them back after the “stay at home” orders have been relaxed or lifted and offices can get back to doing all types of procedures (not just emergencies). To view this video, just click here.

If you have questions or comments, reach out to Max Gotcher or Mike Abernathy at Summit Practice Solutions.

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