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BEST Partner Programs

Within our vast array of member benefits, we have developed BEST Partner Programs to deliver an all-encompassing benefit in an easy package. Due to their extensive elements, our BEST Partner Programs include Sleep Dentistry, 401k Multi-Employer Plan, Group Health Plan, Lab Program and Direct Manufacturer Program.


Administering your own 401k plan for your employees can be expensive. That is why we have sponsored a 401k Multi-Employer Plan (MEP) offered through the Clearwater Group at Morgan Stanley.

Benefits of this plan include:

40-50% savings on set-up and annual plan costs
Fiduciary responsibility provided through third party experts
Face-to-face meetings to develop tailored financial plans that meet your specific retirement needs
About Alliance Partners

Our mission to preserve the industry for independent dentists carries over to our Alliance Partners. While fostering long-term relationships with our Alliance Partners, it’s important that we share the same core values, which are:

Supporting independent dentists
Community involvement
Company culture
Superior customer service

Our Alliance Partners have committed to giving our members the BEST price. This means that our members can rest assured knowing that they don’t need to waste their time and energy trying to achieve better savings elsewhere!

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