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The Importance of Reviews

How important are reviews?

Your reviews have become increasingly more important, to the point that online decision-making is likely determined by the quantity & quality of your reviews.

Over the past decade and especially since the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, we have seen a majority of individual decisions regarding local business services move to the online arena. This means that the vast majority of potential patients in your area are, or will be, looking online for a dentist. In this atmosphere, online reviews have become increasingly important in thedecision-making process.  We’re to the point where the average online user views online reviews as more trustworthy than a
friend’s recommendation.

Google reviews are by far the most important collective for patient reviews. Why?

  • It’s simply where everyone looks for a dentist. 92% of all search is done through Google.
  • Google reviews boost SEO. They play a large role in determining where Google ranks your business in an online search.
  • Quality, 5-star reviews increase your credibility and build your online reputation.

What else should you know about reviews?

  • People don’t trust “stale” reviews. It would be best if you generated fresh reviews every month.
  • Quantity matters. You can never have enough reviews. The more reviews you have, the more those reviews will be trusted.
  • Quality matters. You should look for review generation that helps push through as many 5-star
    reviews as possible

This is where BEST Ascent Marketing comes in

We specialize in generating high-quality and a high quantity of Google reviews. We will quickly make a big difference and do so with no long-term commitments or contracts!

Ready to learn more?

Find out where you rank in the quality and quantity of your google reviews compared to your competitors by exploring our Assessment App at on your own and view your Google reviews, including how you stack up against your competitors and what we
recommend to overtake them in the “Online” section. Still have further questions? Schedule a consultation with a marketing specialist at 801-913-6474 so they can personally walk you through your current ranking and your options to improve.

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