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Subscription-based Marketing


What is subscription-based marketing?

Simply put, subscription-based marketing is marketing that is purchased as a subscription. Similar to Netflix or a magazine subscription, you pay monthly for the services you want and cancel when the services you are paying for are no longer needed. We recognize this is a unique way to look at dental marketing. But we’ve got the upper hand on all the other marketing companies out there, and here’s why: Subscription Marketing is the future of dental marketing. The best way to understand why is to contrast the future with the past.

Letʼs start with the past:

You sign an annual (or longer!) pre-planned marketing contract. This sets forth a rigid structure that is forced to play itself out over the year. It generally takes several months before results can be seen and doesn’t allow for alterations in the plan as everything is set up and paid to follow the rigid structure set up at commencement. Adjustments generally can only be made once a year at the time of renewal. Long-term contracts also suggest a lack of confidence or ability by the marketing company to generate effective and verifiable results. Once you’re locked in, results don’t have to be the priority.

And now the future:

Instead, you sign up for subscription-based marketing and only pay for verifiable, effective results. If the product doesn’t work? Cancel! This approach is only offered when a company knows it delivers equal or better value than the monthly purchase price. With BEST Ascent Marketing, we offer
subscription based marketing because we know what we do works. And you will too, quickly. Many of our products are generating the predicted results by month 2. And through our transparent and
unbiased reporting, you will have confidence in our data and your ROI. Our subscription products can be canceled with 30 days’ notice.

Now you have a choice:

Continue in the past and be locked into marketing that may not even be working or step into the future and feel the comfort of marketing that must continually prove itself to warrant your continued business. Want to see for yourself how this would work for you? Schedule a consultation with a marketing specialist at 801.913.6474 so they can personally walk you through your subscription-based future OR explore our Assessment App at on your own and view all of our subscription services.

Why trust marketing that’s purchased as a subscription?
– No long-term contracts
– You can cancel anytime — we have to prove results
– Your plan is adjustable to your needs & budget
– We don’t hide our products or pricing
– You can check your data in real time
– Our 3rd-party data sources (like Google) will tell you if it’s working

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