Introducing our Newest Partnership- Lockton Affinity

BEST Selects the Worlds Largest, Privately Owned, Independent Insurance Brokerage Firm, Lockton Affinity


After months of research and negotiations, we are excited to bring our members a solution for Health Care Benefits and Professional Insurance.  This has been a hot topic in many of my conversations over the past several years. My team at BEST looked at no less than a half dozen models to bring the best solution available in today’s market.  We believe the company we have chosen is the right partner for today as well as into the future.

After looking at many contributing factors in this segment, we selected Lockton as our partner which will provide our members access to a team of experienced brokers that will work with each of our individual member practices to find the right solution for you, while still leveraging our size. They have setup a dedicated team of experts that will answer your calls real-time.


Key Benefits and features of the program:

  • Risk free quote

  • Leverages our size

  • Tools and features typically only available to Corporate Dentistry

  • Provides BEST members a resource to be competitive in attracting and keeping the best talent

With a roll-out of this size (over1000 practices) we need to be efficient in our approach. As such, Lockton will be sending a survey on behalf of BEST on Wednesday for you to complete. The survey will ask for renewal dates for your Professional Insurance and Group Health Benefits (if applicable). Have your renewal dates nearby prior to starting the survey. The renewal dates will be used to help manage when to provide quotes, (typically 60 days prior to renewal).

If you decide to move forward with Lockton after you receive your quote, the pricing we have negotiated is a benefit for our Premium Membership tier.  If you are still enjoying your basic membership it would require an easy upgrade to Premium.  The addition of insurance to the valuable resources found in the premium membership portfolio provides the opportunity for you to potentially save thousands of dollars for your practice.

Email our team today at or call us at 877-669-6320 and we will help you get started.

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Introducing our Newest Partnership- Lockton Affinity